How to record video

The team over at Vimeo have made a useful video on how to choose a camera, shoot and edit – useful for our budding contributors to watchmethink. So if you want the best chance to earn money for recording you or your friends using products or services – this could be worth a few minutes of your time.

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Sell the problem

Seth struck gold again for us with his piece all about selling the problem. We’ve been talking about that a lot here at watchmethink. As always Seth articulates it slightly better, so I’ll hand over to him to explain the beautiful paradox which is that ‘a lot of people aren’t willing to embrace that they have a problem unless they […]

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Make customers your number 1 priority

We’re always interested in seeing what people are saying about how companies should interact with consumers. Over at Blogging Innovation a recent piece on Reinventing Customer Relationships highlights Making Customers your number 1 priority. They go on to describe what companies should be looking at when running their business. These include How would we go about defining customer wants and […]

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