Watch Me Think run a series of webinars showcasing some great insights our teams have extracted from the respondent videos. 

Some are open to everyone, some are exclusively for our Consumer Closeness Toolbox clients.

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Consumer-Led Packaging Development (UK)
Lower Income Families (UK)
Vegan or plant-based food (UK)
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Consumer-Led Packaging Development

Friday 13th April – 10:30 am GMT

Alistair will explore the old, new and next ways of putting the consumer at the heart of packaging design and prototype development, assessing each method individually.

He will showcase specific techniques used by major FMCG companies that have had a direct impact on speed to market, and success of the launch.

He will also discuss how this has been used effectively at the front end of innovating/renovating around the pack.

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Lower Income Families

Friday 20th April – 9:30 am GMT
2018 Consumer Closeness Toolbox Clients Only

Toolbox clients only - ask us how to get access

Vegan or plant-based food

Friday 4th May – 9:30 am GMT

Clients only - ask us how to get access