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Auto: Ride along with research participants to gain insights in the most authentic, and unobtrusive way possible.

Our clients in the automobile industry need access to research participants as they go about their daily lives using their cars or competitors' cars. Understanding how auto technology can enhance real life interactions and safety is crucial. Seeing how respondents prepare for journeys, as well as observing actual driving is key to helping them identify pain points. 

Frequent needs that our auto clients come to us with are:

  • Observing respondents as they are preparing for a journey - how do the features of the car help or deter from that process? What about when children are involved?
  • Assessing respondents’ real life usage of technology features in the car - do they use them properly? Do they understand them? Do they even know they’re there?
  • Gain insight into an actual journey - how does the car’s features and technology aid the driver in real life situations? How can it be improved?
  • Insight into how environmental factors affect the experience
  • How is app technology being used, and what is missing?

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Observing respondents as they prepare for a journey - loading the car with things and people. In car recordings of a journey (with the phone or recording device securely attached) to allow car manufacturers to observe real life scenarios completely unobtrusively.

Our Recommended Approach

Depending on the purpose of the study, we may recommend observing multiple usage occasions, over a period of time (typical minimum sample size, n= 10). We would recruit drivers according to demographic specifications, have them film a typical journey where they are loading the car, then attach the recording device inside the car to record a journey.  

We then ask the respondents to watch back the video of the journey, answering questions and sharing their observations with us, helping our clients to understand in-context usage of the car, and its features and technology. Using our split-screen/post-rationalizing overlay methodology, we watched them as they played and reported back on their experience.

What we explored

  • What does the preparation for a car journey look like? How do features of the car aid this process, and how can they be improved?
  • What are some of their favorite features of the car - from dashboard, to storage?
  • What features in the car does the driver feel they don’t fully understand, or aren’t using to their potential?
  • How do features of the car aid the driver during the journey? How can they be improved?
  • If the car has an app, how is the driving and/or maintenance experience enhanced by the app? How can it be improved?

What did we learn?

Get in touch,  (or use the form below) and we'd be happy to share some of our insights PLUS give you access to the raw footage via our video platform.

Why Watch Me Think?

Watch Me Think is a strategic qualitative market research agency. We use mobile ethnography to record authentic customer and consumer behaviors.

Human led analysis is then applied to bring you actionable reports and persuasive highlight videos.

We help you bridge empathy gaps, become even more consumer centric, identify previously unknown opportunities, test your prototypes, and provide rapid, value-driven pre- and post-launch testing across 51 countries. In essence, we help people understand people better.

  • We're about watching and listening, not just asking
  • Exploring what people do, not just what they say they do
  • Bringing to life your consumers, getting you closer
  • Helping you to empathize, and instill that throughout your organization

What types of studies do our clients commission with us?

  • Qualitative Behavioral Research: Bringing a clearer understanding of actual consumer behavior. Not just claimed behavior.
  • Consumer Closeness: Moving it from slogan and into a culture.
  • Bringing Insights To Life: Letting the consumer communicate the findings. Because insights must be sold, not just found.

How we helped Sarah Haslett at M&S

M&S (a UK retailer of clothes and food) wanted to make consumer closeness part of the business culture.

To do so, they decided to implement a continuous consumer closeness programme, whereby they collected video footage every month on different topics.