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IsolaTED talks (3)

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Every other Tuesday* we’re going to share a presentation. Not of us, you’ll be glad to hear. But of speakers who have made us sit back, puff out our cheeks and think ‘Jeez. I wish I gave that talk’.

It’s quite the list.

We run events every year, you see. Normally we just share snippets. For many speakers public engagements help put bread on the table. They can’t give away keys to the kingdom. Understandably.

But now that we’re being locked down, they’ve generously decided to open up.

*Until this thing is over, or we run out of puffed cheeks. Whichever comes first.

Latest Presentation

Tom Cruise skill over time

Stuart Chapman – How Lego uses storytelling for commercial benefit

June 1, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. Most of the classic Tom Cruise movies have very similar plot lines. A bombshell, we know. And one that Stuart Chapman dropped when he spoke at our storytelling event.  Stuart is Category Development Manager at LEGO and discussed how LEGO uses data, insights and that Tom Cruise plot …

Past Presentations

Amelia Torode

Amelia Torode – Find Your Truth, Make Your Change

May 18, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. Amelia Thorode is co-founder of The Fawnbrake Collective and has previously been named as “Planner of the Year” by Campaign Magazine. In her presentation, Amelia encouraged us to consider what is important, like really important, to us at work. And use that as our compass. What would you …

Richard Shotton: The Pratfall Effect

Richard Shotton – The pratfall effect

May 11, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. Richard Shotton is up there with my most useful people to follow on Twitter (closely followed by Teddington Cheese, but don’t let that sway you). And we were fortunate enough to welcome him to the stage a few years back.  Richard discussed the pratfall effect: whereby we become …

Barbara Schandl

Barbara Schandl – Agility in Innovation

May 4, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. Barbara is Insights Lead of the SnackFutures team at Mondelez. Formed 12 months ago and working as a true start-up within a large corporation, they have the task of inventing the snacks of the future. From Barbara’s presentation you’ll hear about the principles and beliefs the team follows, …


Tas – How to Find your Golden Thread

April 27, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. Anthony “Tas” Tasgal is a lecturer, strategist and author. Tas discussed how we’re running the risk of living in a DRIP world – data rich, insight poor. We need to nudge the pendulum further away from prove and a little bit more towards move. Storytelling is one way …


Dom Dwight – When to listen, when to lead

April 20, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. Dom Dwight is the Marketing Director for Taylors of Harrogate, makers of Yorkshire Tea (the #1 tea brand in the UK) amongst other hot drinks. Dom explained how Taylors are hugely dependent on the Yorkshire Tea brand, but the category was, and is, in steady decline.  Dom talked …

Copy Like Elvis

Mark Earls – Copy Like Elvis

April 9, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. This week we have the one and only Mark Earls, aka the HERDmeister, and master of all things marketing, brand and mass behaviour. Mark explains how we shouldn’t be ashamed to use the brains of other people. Ideas that already exist are the raw materials for even better …