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IsolaTED talks (3)

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Every other Tuesday* we’re sharing a presentation. Not of us, you’ll be glad to hear. But of speakers who have made us sit back, puff out our cheeks and think jeez, I wish I gave that talk.

*Until this thing is over, or we run out of puffed cheeks. Whichever comes first.

Latest Presentation

Jimmys iced coffee

Nick Waring – Keep Your Chin Up

July 27, 2020

email Alistair if you need the password. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee flicked on the afterburner and went from 0 to 1 PP5S in the space of 9 years. (PP5S = Products sold per 5 seconds. Obviously 😉) That’s quite the decade. And, this week in the dōjō, we have their head of creative, Nick Waring, talking …