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Managing the Message 2021 recordings

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The Messages

Communicating Covid

Dr Phil Hammond - NHS Doctor, BBC broadcaster and comedian

Our key takeaway: The BRAUNS method for communicating a difficult message - What are the benefits, risks, alternatives, unknowns, outcomes if we did nothing, and safety nets if things go wrong.

Our key action: Introducing that.

Managing the insight message

Bianca Pryor - VP Insights, Black Entertainment Television

Our key takeaway: When communicating the business impact always share the challenge, the approach and the findings in a maximum of 3 slides.

Our key action: Do that from now on.

Managing the message: a five (and a half) point plan

James Stevens - Director of Product Design, Sky

Our key takeaway: Radiators, not drains

Our key action: Make sure we're radiators. The optimism, enthusiasm and energy that comes with that is infectious.

From breakdown to breakthrough

James Pickles - Speaker and mental health advocate

Our key takeaway: James's unbelievable honesty, bravery and being the case in point for vulnerability as a superpower.

Our key action: Be honest about how we feel.

WTF: Words That Fail

Vikki Ross - Copy Chief

Our key takeaway: We shouldn’t tell people how to feel in the copy, use the words to make them decide that for themselves.

Our key action: Rewriting everything we've ever written.

The links that Vikki mentioned in her talk:
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