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✋ Warning: The100 is not for those of a fixed opinion. Or ostriches.

The100: IKEA effects, the voice of reason and pozzy-wallahs

By Alistair Vince | August 5, 2022

Marriages taken in part-exchange The IKEA Effect is an interesting bias whereby we value things that require more effort because we’ve committed something of ourselves to them. In a 2 minute video at the bottom of that same page, Rory Sutherland explains how it can also destigmatize low prices: It’s rather like if you have …

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The100: Timing with toasters, the illusion of certainty & Peppa Pig

By Alistair Vince | July 30, 2021

Expressed user need This 101 on user needs is excellent.  It contains (and links to) all you need to know.  The test to see if you’ve found a valid user …

The100: saying vs doing, video essays and barking for yourself

By Alistair Vince | July 16, 2021

Are you a hanger or a dumper? Richard Shotton features on The Day One podcast. He’s discussing his 3 worst insight industry pet peeves (the myth of the public trust …

The100: Visual thinking, Hotelling’s law and perfectionist narratives

By Alistair Vince | July 2, 2021

Painting with numbers Hannah Fry discusses visual thinking. It’s fascinating how it can reveal what would otherwise remain invisible, how it can have a profound effect on the way we …

The100: Smorgasbords of blandness, jingles & a helping of “I don’t care”

By Alistair Vince | June 18, 2021

The pig in the python is passing through You’re no doubt aware that we’re all ignoring “the most valuable generation in the history of marketing”? So which of these do …

The100: Insider-outsiders, geriatric millennials and conversational gambits

By Alistair Vince | June 4, 2021

When the numbers don’t add up (on their own) Among the many problems with the world? Our tendency to favour analysis of hypotheses over an open, unbiased mind and inquisitiveness:  …

The100: Marketing myopia, mirror neurons and Posh Spice

By Alistair Vince | May 21, 2021

The over-focus on the present  The right honorable gentleman, Tom Roach, has written a stupendous piece on whether marketing is losing perspective. No guesses as to what his answer is.  …

(c) Wimbledon

The100: Improving focus, the world’s oldest companies and Boris Becker

By Bo Beep | May 7, 2021

In the spirit of a New Mexican monk Email has long siphoned my focus into a cavity of distraction.  Yet I’m not convinced that burning my inbox is the sea-parting …

The100: Brand health, the end of averages and cargo cults

By Alistair Vince | April 23, 2021

The world’s biggest database of human intentions The Parish of Brand Tracking uncorked a new metric late last year: Share of Search.  Les Binet convincingly explains that share of search …

(c) Memo Angeles

The100: Acquisitions, artaraxy and nuns’ brains

By Alistair Vince | April 9, 2021

$1.85 gold filled spectacles Amazon is often served dishes of disdain in response to their in-house brands, with Peak Design’s 90 seconds of (understandable) snark being a recent example.  Yet, …

The100: Slow-motion multitasking, faster horses and dreamscapes

By Alistair Vince | March 26, 2021

I sent a researcher to 1890 The misuse of the Henry Ford ‘faster horses’ quote has long rumpled my stiltskins. All too often it’s oversimplified and used to pooh-pooh the …

The100: Internal presentations, problem solving and orange peel

By Alistair Vince | March 12, 2021

At the first signs of smoke As First Mate in the House of Vince during these lockdowns (the real boots are not on my feet) recent advice from the gang …

The100: Better arguments, positive uncertainty and Kawasakis

By Alistair Vince | February 26, 2021

When disagreement floods the brain I like a good argument – shocker, I know. Though for many, arguing is more uncomfortable than a wet pair of socks.  Thankfully, according to …

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