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The100: Timing with toasters, the illusion of certainty & Peppa Pig

By Alistair Vince | July 30, 2021

Expressed user need This 101 on user needs is excellent.  It contains (and links to) all you need to know.  The test to see if you’ve found a valid user need? If you showed it to a user, would they recognise it as their need?Is it written with words real users use?Does it describe the …

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The100: fake news, fake views and Don Draper

By Alistair Vince | August 3, 2018

Fake news The future is here and being created in Seattle.  And if it isn’t they will make history say it was just so. If you want to be even …

The100: chasms, culling and the zombie apocalypse

By Alistair Vince | July 13, 2018

Collateralized debt obligation There’s lots of posts out there on how to tell good stories, but these 9 rules from Michael Lewis offer (to me) something different, from the title above …

The100:  interstitial viewing, everybody lying and the Righteous Brothers

By Alistair Vince | June 28, 2018

Creativity being killed by data THE (Sir) John Hegarty is pretty damning over what data has done to marketing and advertising: “Data is great at giving you information, giving you …

The100: being wrong, dispensing Ketchup and drawing some mud

By Alistair Vince | June 15, 2018

Good news! You can be wrong In fact, you can also spend less on innovation and claim that a meeting which has no objective will be more productive than those …

Photo Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

The100: cyanide, underwriters and black hole moons

By Alistair Vince | June 8, 2018

Glass half full, half empty, or laced with cyanide? ‘The world needs a dose of realism’ and I agree with Tim (and Hans) in this piece highlighting how the world …

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The100: Tarot Cards, Gnomonists and dishwater

By Alistair Vince | May 18, 2018

Symbiotic Corporate Altruism? I liked this article about Spotify, not just because I’m an avid user, but also because of this: “We know that we’re only going to be successful …

The100: chimps, humans and Donkey Kong

By Alistair Vince | May 2, 2018

“That’s my birthday too!” Ever met someone who has the same birthday as you? Thought it a bit of a coincidence? Well, if there are 23 people in a room …

The100: this vs that, context vs content, and Godzilla.

By Alistair Vince | April 23, 2018

Light : Glue : Web A fantastic explanation of how stories can be used in a number of different ways. As light: “to illuminate the past, present and future” As …

The100: Rituals, hidden formulas and ‘the freakiest show in town’

By Alistair Vince | March 14, 2018

What a super market! Supermarkets are changing – at last! The first supermarket to have an aisle that is free of any plastic packaging was launched in Amsterdam recently. And it’s …


The100: Direct from the internet of unmonetisable enthusiasms

By Alistair Vince | February 27, 2018

“Let’s look at what’s being done, and do something different” I can’t explain how much I love this: Dave Trott’s concern (30 years ago) that his team were just doing the …

The100: “Insane and out of touch”

By Alistair Vince | February 12, 2018

Make yourself a cup of tea, and whilst sipping your brew, have a read of how the word ‘tea’ spread around the world and then push on with the rest …

The100 - market research newsletter with a tangy twist

The100: “Undifferentiated forgettable cultural landfill”

By Alistair Vince | January 25, 2018

Insight teams are changing? True or not? Have a read. I’d be interested in what you think. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Who are you hiring? Do you agree …

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