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What We Create

Watch Me Think constantly produces a stream of self-commissioned research into consumer behaviours and preferences around the world.

We often get asked if we could share our findings, or to be precise, the videos more widely.

We can. And do. But only on a 1-to-1 request basis for private access, because we respect and hold dear the privacy of our respondents (our "Thinkers").

So if you do see anything below that is of interest, and you'd like to find out more about and see the videos in question, get in touch.

Artificially Inflated Future?

December 19, 2018

Every time I hear someone use the term “AI” I usually cringe. You say tomaytoes, I say tomahtoes. They say Potaytoes, I say a pair of King Edwards to that. AI is NOT all the same thing. Many people use the term to cover wildly different things – from Siris to C3POs to HAL9000s – …

#Empathy18 Highlights: Finding Your Truth in Marketing

November 26, 2018

Finding Your Truth in Marketing How to find and communicate the truth, and challenge the lie, to ensure you and your company make decisions on fact, not fiction. A nose for nonsense Joseph O’Leary from Full Fact booted off the day by talking about how we can spot misinformation. Most often false claims are based …

IIeX Behavioral Science Conference

Three Themes from IIeX Behavior

November 12, 2018

Members of our Chicago team spent two days at IIeX Behavior, an industry conference for researchers and marketers alike. The conference sets out to help attendees better understand, measure, and predict consumer behavior through behavioral science techniques and technologies. It wasn’t all green smoothies, virtual reality and semiotics – so what were three big themes …

Find Your Truth in Marketing

Find Your Truth in Marketing

September 11, 2018

Fake news may be damaging democracy – but plenty of false opinions are damaging your business growth too. The fact is, it’s not just the public who are struggling to identify what’s true and what isn’t. We were noticing that our clients and contacts are constantly being bombarded with messages both internally and externally and …


Palm oil: The next plastic?

July 31, 2018

How many products can you name that contain palm oil? Peanut butter, yes. Nutella, definitely. But what about shampoo, bread and ice cream? Or lipstick, soap and chocolate? We certainly couldn’t name any outside of the spreads. And yet, in our recent study into veganism, many respondents pinpointed palm oil as an emerging foe. Were …

Tas Tasgal on our Data Rich, Insight Poor (DRIP) world

April 30, 2018

When Tas (Anthony Tasgal) presented at our Power of Storytelling event in March, he made the case that we live in a DRIP world.  One where we can feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of data that is available to us, and the issues we then face in distilling it all into something that feels meaningful …

Richard Shotton on The Pratfall Effect

April 23, 2018

We were lucky enough to have Richard Shotton, author of Power of Storytelling event in March 2018. He was speaking about the praftall effect in relation to products and brands. In social psychology, the pratfall effect is the tendency for attractiveness to increase or decrease after an individual/brand/product makes a mistake, depending on the individual/brand/product’s …

The Talkers and The Listeners

April 16, 2018

In March 2018 we ran the Power of Storytelling event. and we were fortunate have Ella Jackson from Unilever come and to talk to us. Now I’m a big fan of GIFs and an even bigger fan of Potter, so her talk was an instant thumbs up. But, most importantly, Ella has a shed load of presentation experience, and even …

How Lego uses storytelling for commercial benefit

April 9, 2018

In March 2018 we ran the Power of Storytelling event. It featured lots of brilliant speakers, and amongst them was Stuart Chapman from Lego. Stuart talked to us about how Lego uses storytelling to its commercial benefit. It was a superb, highly entertaining and engaging talk, featuring references to Tom Cruise films and 1980s children’s TV. Here’s …

looking down

Short Musings: Going social media cold turkey

April 4, 2018

How much have I missed whilst staring down?

How much have we all missed?

It’s time to start looking up.

The Sugar Levy – what consumers think they know

March 15, 2018

UK – March/April 2018 This first video in a 3 part study highlighting the categories that consumer think will be affected by the Sugar Levy being introduced in the UK in April 2018. It’s quite an eye opener. Watch out categories outside of Soft Drinks! The consumer has not been educated in what the levy …

Merging traditional qual with emerging qual methods and why

March 3, 2018

Global – March 2018 Jenny Hearne (Watch Me Think) and Julie Davey (Julie Davey Research) gave a presentation at Insights 18 on the power of bringing together the old and the new in terms of methodologies. This 3 min film underlines the benefits of a mixed methodology from a client point of view and features …