In a trust vacuum, you’re lost.

BBDO is justifiably proud of its recent creative but seems a little muddled on the data/insight front. Cristal Rix wants insights to be data driven, and that’s all well and good. You can do all sorts of clever stuff with data – so much so that data is apparently nothing more than insight that got …

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Survey fatigue and the Millennial prerogative

Content farms on ring roads and bypasses churn out heaps of junk for what, even recently, were reasonable media companies. So a legion of DIY pollsters bombard everyone – not just these poor millennials – with pointless, relentlessly devaluing and utterly ignorable polls.

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The genesis of “research-horsesht”

This is a very large petard. And a lot of people are making some elementary handling errors (let’s be charitable).

The objective, of course, is easy copy and easy clicks. For this industry, it’s terribly tabloid, and likely to prove pernicious.

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