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The100: The psychology of habit, positive pitching and my spirit animal

By Alistair Vince | June 24, 2022

“They don’t say what they think” For those of you that missed Nudgestock, it’s worth catching up on Paolo Mercado’s 10m talk about why marketers should be relying less on survey questions and much more on observation to discover hidden growth opportunities. We of course like Paolo 😉 Paolo talks about Nestea which was losing …

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The100: Local lenses, forms of stupidity & Americanization

By Alistair Vince | June 10, 2022

The 70s are for the newly 70’d When it comes to people, and our assumptions surrounding them, this caught me off-guard a little: If you work with people who are …

The100: Cognitive empathy, broken Nudge theory and Lisbon’s toilets

By Alistair Vince | May 20, 2022

Nudge, nudge, hoodwink Tim Harford wrote an excellent piece in the FT called ‘What nudge theory got wrong…’.  A collective intake of breath from the behavioural scientists out there: If …

The100: Generational generalisations, poisonous creativity & Haribo grapes

By Alistair Vince | May 6, 2022

Told you it was dynamite I had the pleasure of chatting with Tom Goodwin for an hour earlier this week. It was for a podcast we’re releasing soon. There’s some …

The100: Algospeak, logo debranding and polite elephants

By Alistair Vince | April 22, 2022

Context is everything  Adam Ferrier writes about why creativity always loses the battle against indifferent consumers.  If you (or your company) pre-test creative work you need to read this. In …

The100: Clients vs agencies, reality checks, and pillow fights 

By Alistair Vince | April 8, 2022

Ask-a-Researcher Is there a better combination than when something is both useful and fun? Didn’t think so.  That’s why we asked a few of our researchers (who have walked the …

The100: Data visualisation, designed systems, and marble runs

By Alistair Vince | March 25, 2022

Ear candy The Right Honourable Lord of Marketing, Russell Davies, was interviewed as part of Google’s excellent Firestarters series. On data, he said (45:00):  “The data gold rush era is …

The100: Storyhunting, the future of work & research bashing

By Alistair Vince | March 11, 2022

De/Im-parting wisdom Tom Callard (soon to leave advertising agency BBH) wrote about the 50 things he’s learned in ad agencies. The whole list is great, but my highlights are: Trust …

The100: The illusion of research, what is brand and Sriracha sauce

By Alistair Vince | February 25, 2022

“When in doubt, read Bullmore.” Tom Darlington starts us off this week with a must read for anyone in Marketing on the brilliance of (Jeremy) Bullmore.  Not only has he …

The100: Strategic questions, shopping trolleys and Air Horse One

By Alistair Vince | February 11, 2022

I’m back. You didn’t notice. That’s ok 🙂 Neither did anyone at Watch Me Think towers (which I take as a compliment). On a side note, if you need any …

The100: Logo throwbacks, marketing mistakes and Vikings

By Fran Benoist | January 28, 2022

Have the last laugh The use of humour in advertising has nosedived over the last 15 years. As of 2020 just 34% of adverts were funny or lighthearted, down from …

The100: failed social experiments, 2022 trends (obvs) and rubber fig trees

By Fran Benoist | January 14, 2022

Happy New Year and all that (at what point should we stop saying that?); welcome to another year of poking bears and kicking sandcastles in The100.  Are you sitting comfortably? …

The100 - market research newsletter with a tangy twist

The100: Best of 2021

By Fran Benoist | December 17, 2021

To finish a year that’s gone faster than you can say “8-days-until-christmas”, we’ve gone back into the archives and dusted off the 10 most popular links featured in The100 during …

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