Bringing back meaningfulness – the 2018 Golden Thumb Awards

You know when someone says to you out-of-the-blue and in a truly meaningful way: “Thank you – that work you did was utterly superb.” That the delivery. The sincerity,. The unexpected and voluntary nature of the message means it is genuinely meant and sincerely appreciated on the giver’s part? That’s the feeling we want to …

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Calling Friends of Watch Me Think

We’re looking for more who are willing for us to visit them for an hour or so. We want to see where you work, hear what you do and understand your average day. What do you enjoy? What are your goals? Where can we help?

Above: The turtleneck twins on the most recent Watch Me Think school trip

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Unilever and Kraft Heinz

The exciting stuff often starts with Unilever. Look at IIex this week and see how many of the presentations start with someone talking with Unilever. It hasn’t happened by accident – they’ve developed a system that enables that.

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The genesis of “research-horsesht”

This is a very large petard. And a lot of people are making some elementary handling errors (let’s be charitable).

The objective, of course, is easy copy and easy clicks. For this industry, it’s terribly tabloid, and likely to prove pernicious.

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