The100 – 10 Most Popular Articles in 2017

(Drum roll…) The 10th most popular piece from 2017 was… 8 creative ways to share your research. We spend all that effort, then what… Tied at 8th How smartphones aren’t destroying kids, they’re destroying adults – apart from when they’re making extremely insightful videos for progressive research agencies, of course. Plus how the UK election destroyed market research as we know […]

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The100: Lines, stories and choices…

The 12 ways to tell a story… OK, there are some outliers, but here’s a fantastic summary. The short exploration of each (news based) story format is eye opening.  For anyone wanting to tell stories internally or externally,  this could prove useful for inspiration and application. And have you ever wondered what happens to the brain when digesting stories? Well: “…exposure to […]

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