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2 uses for VoC videos that we’d never thought of before…

In the last 12 months, some of our clients – and their supporting agencies – have used our platform in some creative and ultimately very effective ways.

Ways that, to be perfectly honest, we’d never thought of till now.

We can group these under 2 headings:

1) Recruiting authentic users of their products to appear in their TV commercials.

Genius! And the results prove it. According to their Ipsos/other scan data, the resulting campaigns were some of the most successful they have ever run. The unexpected bonus being the cost savings, as they didn’t have to go through the usual process of talent recruitment and standard campaign creation.

2) Creating conversations using the authentic experience of their consumers.

(Give over.)


The video content created was used to drive awareness, conversations and sales through digital media channels and at the point of sale.

What both these simple yet classy ideas have in common is using authentic voices and people to get genuine messages and opinions across.

No actors with coiffured hair. No lighting sets, makeup artists and film crews. No scriptwriters. No directors. No luvvies.

Genuine people talking about what they like and don’t like to, well, their peers. To people just like them.

Given the success of peer review travel sites like Tripadvisor, or the reviews on Amazon, or comments and ratings for Apps on the various stores – it perhaps should not have come as a surprise to us.

But it did.

That the people best suited to sell to someone like me, is someone like me.

And it’s a key theme in what we produce for all our clients.

An obsession that runs like a red line throughout all our work.

It is an obsession with authenticity.