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3 ways brands can tell more inspiring stories

We are lucky enough to have some of the smartest folks in the FMCG World shaping how we evolve our solutions. Their ongoing generosity, in terms of both ideas and encouragement is something that we are continually amazed by and extremely grateful for.

Over the last 6  months we have seen how many of the largest FMCG clients have adopted a systematic approach to making sure that in 2015 they deliver on their stated goals of getting their entire business closer to consumers Globally and to be more inspiring and provocative when they present insights. What is even more impressive is that this is going to be achieved despite the Global travel restrictions that many of them are facing.

While these plans vary considerably from company to company there are three common applications that are appearing in all of them. These also reflect some of our own key learnings over the past three years which I thought might be of some interest to anyone that has not used digital immersions before.

1) If you want to win an argument with a retailer or internally about how consumers and shoppers feel about your products, promotions or their shopping experience, connect the audience with their actual experience in an authentic way. This will almost always prove more effective, than trying to win the same argument with data alone.

2) If you want your entire business to really connect with the people who make up your Global Segmentation, connect them in an authentic way with who these people really are and what makes them tick. This will achieve a far more authentic connection, than can be achieved by an istock image photo with a speech bubble or a polished hype reel, created with actors.

3) If you want a more consumer connected innovation process, connect all the stakeholders with how the consumers really see and experience the World throughout the project. Generate clues and accidental insight by observing their natural behaviour and build internal and external excitement about your products and ideas by sharing consumers genuine enthusiasm towards them. You will undoubtedly be surprised by what you see and learn and you will also inspire your internal and external stakeholders far more than can be achieved with a volumetric forecast.

Global consumer closeness and inspiring story telling are easily stated goals but far harder to achieve. We are extrmely fortunate to be working with clients who are equally passionate about making both a reality.