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Boosting the sales of your new products in 2015

Once they have been launched, one of the most effective ways brands can maximise the sales of their new products, is to conduct immersions with their biggest fans as well as their rejecters a few weeks or months after the product has been launched.

1) Amplify the learning’s from fans

Generate authentic clues about what it is about the product, pricing or promotion that has really helped cut though all the noise and got these folks to make this a regular on their shopping list.

Take these learning’s and messages and amplify them with other people in the target audience; you will be surprised by the impact this can have.

You and your colleagues, in other parts of the business will also be able to apply these learning’s to future new product development projects.

2) Learn from the rejecters

Understanding what is not working, but through the eyes of the target audience is also invaluable.

Sometimes this may be something that can be fixed or changed immediately, but even if it is simply a lesson for future launches, in other categories or markets, this knowledge is still priceless.

So you want better sales for your new products?

The effectiveness of this technique has meant that a large number of Global Brands are now using digital immersions for all their major new product launches.

The reason this works so well, is that these brands can now see their product launches through a consumer lens not a marketing one and they can share these learning’s with the entire organisation.