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If anyone else calls us “Voxpops” the rabbit gets it

It may sound like an over reaction but if you seriously want to offend me, using the “V” word and Watch Me Think in the same sentence is a pretty good starting point.

We have spent 5 years helping global brands get closer to the truth by connecting them with the natural experience and emotion of their target audience in over 42 Countries.

  • We obsess about making that easy and as authentic as possible.
  • By ensuring it is the natural environment and natural time of consumption
  • With no researchers or moderators present.


By doing so we are able to provide clients with a window to the “in context” experience of consumers and shoppers so that more consumer led hypothesis can be formed.

Yet on Monday, I was pointed to a post someone had made somewhere on the internet, where a talking head (i.e. voxpop) said “I like this brand because it stands out”.

And that this clip heralded the beauty and power of video research…


No context, no emotion, no actual behaviour, just claimed opinion.

Just a platitude.

Nothing more.

Even with a “because” in there.

There is no insight

And yet the post trumpets it like a revelation.

Getting information is easy.

We almost have too much of it.

Getting intelligence (information + insight) is the hard part.

And it is why we have invested so much of our funds on capturing the authentic experience.

So much into the technology and the brains to glean the insights from it.

I actually really like rabbits.

So the bunny is safe.

But please do not confuse the V word and authentic immersion. It not only upsets me but it is, especially in the market research business, a dangerous mistake to make.