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It’s going to be the housewife, in the kitchen, with the internet-of-things rolling pin

Trends 2016: Predictions vs Reality

How well are 2016 market research company predictions translating to consumer actions?

Have you noticed how come the end of each year our mailboxes get crammed full of predictions about the coming one.

Do these ever get close to reality?

We took 6 global trends published by global market research companies for 2016 and tested their predictions.



We asked consumers across 3 continents what impacts these trends would have on them.

You see, while research company predictions are based primarily on observations of market activity, product launches and their undoubted experience and expertise, we wondered where the voice of the consumer was in this Nostradamical process?

Where are the consumer observations?

Take a sneak peek at what we found…

[Coming – soon – just need the blessings of our valuable Thinkers to show this in public – interim just use the form to the right to request a copy.]

Our conclusion?

Unearthing and predicting trends is like an investigation. You have usual suspects, but you also need witnesses.

And the interesting thing is that in many of these predictions the witnesses are not being interviewed.

We’re just given the usual suspects. Such as the housewives. The kitchens. The gadgets.

Investigations need to begin with understanding consumers through raw and authentic observation.

Guess what we do for our living, Detectives? 🙂

To see the full video reel and get a gauge on how analyst-predicted trends translate to the reality of consumer intent, just get in touch. There’s a form opposite or you can always give us a tinkle.