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Platform 9¾

Many people know us for our video qual projects that bring sledgehammer realisations to the bored and the boardroom.

Others for our observation methodologies that ice bucket the presumptions.

And some for our ability bring the numbers to life and make the proof, well, foolproof.

But Platforms?

Don’t you find them on train stations?

While those of the train variety are often crammed full of people, the other type of online ‘platform’ can struggle to get anyone to come and use it.

Build it and they will come? Alas, I’m afraid not.

You have to work hard at a creating good, usable, client-led video platform, and boy have we been doing that.

Like Platform 9¾, our platform is protected.

And like Platform 9¾, it offers a world of magic… with people running around waving twigs.

Seemingly magic, anyway. But twigs? We jest.

(But if twigs are your thing, by all means, wave away. No judgement here.)

We’ve built a platform that transforms video management and manipulation from a nightmare into a walk in the park.  And there aren’t even any 14-year-olds in that park swigging on cheap cider for the first time (if you aren’t from the UK, it’s a right of passage over here).

Some very observant folk have been searching, editing, analysing and sharing video on our platform for a while now.

The reason they keep coming back for more?

It’s easier than tripping over a log.

The technology is world leading.

Oh, and it’s included the price of doing business with us (free, basically). 

So, if you’re planning on finding a platform to host your video research content, check the list below. It’s worth taking 2 minutes to make sure you make the right decision:

  • Any video qual project you do with us is stored on the platform at no cost.
  • We don’t charge anything extra for licences, for access, or for number of users or usage.
  • We only charge for human transcriptions and for any non-project videos you want stored on there (pennies per minute, chips aren’t even as cheap).
  • You can search the transcriptions (words) and the behaviours (actions).
  • The search algorithms are primed for consumer goods and services, bringing greater accuracy
  • Clever people (real people, human beings) have transcribed your videos.
  • Clever machines (real machines, motherboards) use facial recognition so you can search for the gender, age and emotion of the people in your videos.
  • More clever machines use image recognition so you can search by location (kitchen, store, car etc).
  • You can clip and edit videos with a few clicks of that trusty mouse.
  • You can merge those clips together to make a highlight reel.
  • You can organise these videos, clips and highlight reels into playlists and open them up for collaboration.
  • You can share those clips and videos with colleagues via a link. No username or password. And no uploading or downloading.
  • You can do all that as often as you like – and you won’t be charged.
  • You can print money – ok, this one is a lie. But, because of how much you’re saving compared to other options out there, you’re just as good as.

So now you know where our hidden platform is. A bit about its magic qualities. That you’ll never get charged extra for what should be included to begin with. Just no twigs being waved. For now…