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Pulling rabbits (and the world’s best sentiment based search engine for video content) out of a hat

Over the last 2 months, Vince (WMT’s COO) and I have been invited to present our new semantic & sentiment based video search platform, the “video vault” to the Global Insight Leadership teams of 10 of the largest CPG companies in the world.

This ‘simple’ tool enables organisations to accurately pin point and analyse the spoken word, behaviour and emotion within their global video assets and then clip, share and embed the videos created.

It is enabling companies to change the expectations of how insights are presented both internally and externally, so that every audience can be connected with the authentic, in context experience of the global consumer and shopper.

It is a simple, but effective way of presenting in a far more impactful way than a data rich PowerPoint and it provides an opportunity for lessons to be shared globally.

One of our clients described the combination of this new technology and our global video immersions as a “Consumer Closeness Toolbox” a phrase we are officially borrowing going forward.

The reaction from these clients has been overwhelming, with all of them describing our tool as the best of its kind. While it is Vince and I that are typically speaking to these clients and receiving their praise, this is another outstanding achievement for our digital team.

At Watch Me Think apart from the initial seed money to build the first site, we have taken the decision not to take up the offers for VC money. We are having far too much fun being able to respond to client and employee needs rather than the demands of an investor. While this has many benefits it does mean we have to be a lean and agile operation; that we have to continue to delight our clients, as they fund our growth …and not any investor.

Without a huge pool of funds for development, our digital team keep demonstrating that if you combine a passion for delighting your customer and a fail-fast approach you can achieve incredible outcomes.

This latest development takes our capabilities to a whole new level and we are looking forward to exploring what other types of organisations could benefit from this new tool.

To Mr T, Juhi, Em and Ste, please take a bow. Your incredible achievements mean that Watch Me Think continues to punch way above our weight and I am genuinely excited about what the next rabbit will be.