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Australia: Putting the consumer at the heart of a CoOL strategy

The next video instalment from the Consumer Closeness Toolbox

CoOL – Country of Origin Labelling  – is about to become law in Australia.

And according to our new research, it’s looking like it will have bigger-than-anticipated consequences on consumer behaviour.

We asked and observed the actions and reactions of a panel of Australian consumers’ on the impacts the labelling would have on their purchasing patterns, and, crucially,  whether it will make any real difference to them.

Overall the answer is yes. Our research highlighted CoOL is cool. One in which consumers will feel more confident in identifying the degree of Australian Made products, removing previous levels of confusion, misperception, and mistrust.

I.e. It is already trusted!

The CoOL looks set to be another example of labelling in line with consumer demand for simplicity and objectivity. This pretty much follows our discoveries in the area of Health Claims, and rolling back of trust to the simplicity of of nutritional panels and the Australian 5-star rating scheme.

If you would like to have a chat about how we are helping manufacturers to build their own CoOL strategies based on observed rather than claimed behaviour, please click here.

Our range of bespoke immersions into brand and categories have proven to be an incredibly powerful way to:

  • Understand the impact of this new labelling on your consumer
  • Determine the best location for the label as advised by your consumer
  • Any negative and positive impact of the labelling on your products and how you can overcome this
  • Strong messages for retailer engagement with this new labelling initiative

With dip-your-toe-in solutions starting from relative pocket-change, it’s proving to be a simple way of connecting with consumers on an increasingly crucial topic.