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The part of the stage gate process that has been forgotten

Post launch reviews are one of the simplest ways in which our clients have started to see their new product launches through a consumer and a shopper lens rather than a marketing one.

Developing and launching new products takes an incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears and yet once they have been launched, there is a familiar pattern.

The project team is split up and moved on the next project and the only thing that is tracked is the sales volume. There is no real opportunity to learn.

While consumer closeness throughout the innovation process is a logical goal, post launch reviews offer a unique opportunity to see what worked? what did not? and why? through consumers eyes.

These lessons provide invaluable clues for future launches, both locally and Globally and also provide insights for the communication strategy and retailer presentations.

Many companies articulate a desire to develop a more consumer focussed innovation process and post launch reviews are proving to be a significant step in the right direction.