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Watch Me Think shortlisted for Mobile Agency of the Year for the 2nd year

Hats off the the entire Watch Me Think team: it has been a pretty incredible year.

Being nominated by our clients for the 2nd year in a row for this award is the result of a huge collaborative effort and our simple approach to success. We believe the key is in working closely with and listening to our clients – using our shared learnings to evolve better solutions.

It means we now work with 21 of the top 25 Global FMCG companies – continuing to help them solve 3 simple problems using global video based consumer immersions and what our clients describe as a “best in class” video storage, search and share platform.

  1. We provide a simple approach to connecting an entire organisation with consumers globally and to develop a more consumer-connected innovation processes.
  2. We make internal and external insight presentations less dull, because we help tell the story within the data through the authentic voice of shoppers and consumers.
  3. We make video easy to store, search, share and re-use globally.

One of the biggest steps we have taken in the last 18 months is adding a team of world class qualitative researchers. We are now relied upon to help generate consumer-led hypothesis by many of the world’s biggest brands.

Growing at over 70%, a year and winning awards is one thing, but by far the most satisfying thing for me is the wonderful team we are building and the type of organisation we are becoming.

With the planned launch in July, of a range of syndicated and ad-hoc solutions to help both brands and their supporting agencies understand consumers better, more fully, the future looks bright for WMT.

Sincere and massive thanks to everyone who nominated us for this award!


John Hoctor

Chef Thinker & CEO, Watch Me Think