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When market research and digital marketing content collided

One of the most fun parts of working at Watch Me Think is working with clients who want to experiment with new and different ways our video based, qualitative methodology can help them.

Mead Johnson has taken us in a really interesting direction by getting us to create some digital marketing content for their Enfamil Brand.

Real moms share their experiences about how Enfamil® Gentlease® helped with their babies’ fussiness, gas and crying

The power of authentic consumer reviews is well understood and Mead Johnson was kind enough to describe their experience of working with our wonderful team in Chicago on this project.

My team worked with Watch Me Think to develop a series of consumer generated videos with parents talking about their feeding journey. Both the content and the quality have met/exceeded our expectations. They are filmed on home cameras, which gives them a more authentic feel, and 99% of the respondents do an excellent job setting up their cameras so the audio and video are very clear. Additionally, the respondents are screened so the videos we get are insightful and on target for what we need. Once we had content, Watch Me Think helped us dig through, develop themes, and create videos to support our brands that we plan to use digitally, launching in the next few weeks. I have worked with more expensive production companies in the past, and they are great at what they do, but for authentic, consumer-generated content, this is definitely the way to go.

In less than 6 months from this initial experiment, in addition to our other services, we are now offering to provide digital marketing content from consumers to clients in over 40 Countries. In addition, we are also able to recruit “real” consumers to appear in TVCs.

It would be fair to say neither of these was in the original business plan…