The100: Lines, stories and choices…

The 12 ways to tell a story… OK, there are some outliers, but here’s a fantastic summary. The short exploration of each (news based) story format is eye opening.  For anyone wanting to tell stories internally or externally,  this could prove useful for inspiration and application. And have you ever wondered what happens to the brain when digesting stories? Well: “…exposure to […]

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The Rise of Online Shopping & Marketplace Implications

USA – October 2017 With the rise of online grocery and even failure of some brick and mortar stores we explore behaviors, delighters, and pain points of the online shopping experience. We dive deeper into implications and strategies for brands in an online marketplace. The rise of grocery delivery services Consumer trends across categories for online shopping Consumer viewpoints on […]

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The100: The Toilet Paper Principle

Brandon Blinkenberg [CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Our Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List just grew Canapes perennially at the ready for Dave (Trott), Rory (Sutherland) and Bob (Hoffman). Extra place setting now for Russell (Davies). He wrote this defence of powerpoint. Rare, no? And now for a short quiz: Your presentations always get remarked upon for their wit, style and creativeness. Yes – liar 😉 No – have a read of this: how to do […]

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