The100: The Toilet Paper Principle

Brandon Blinkenberg [CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Our Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List just grew Canapes perennially at the ready for Dave (Trott), Rory (Sutherland) and Bob (Hoffman). Extra place setting now for Russell (Davies). He wrote this defence of powerpoint. Rare, no? And now for a short quiz: Your presentations always get remarked upon for their wit, style and creativeness. Yes – liar 😉 No – have a read of this: how to do […]

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Snacking for the under 35’s

UK – September 2017 Originally presented at an FDIN conference, in this webinar we hear from the under 35’s about their snacking habits. The webinar focuses on: Preferences between grazing vs. 3 square meals Notions of brand loyalty and ‘coolness’ The perfect snacking product If you want to see the consumer videos and highlight films contained in this presentation then […]

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