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2016 – the dawn of a golden age of mobile video? I thought that was 2015?

Or was it 2014?

(For us it was 2011.)

According to Contagious it is going to be 2016.

But whatever the year, if you haven’t go the message by now, you need to soon.

And pivot it for your work.

Your job.

Your business.

i.e. Everyone talks about how consumers are going to consume video on their phone – but don’t get fed this; source it.

Use it.

Make this “era of mobile video” work for you

Video will, should, must become a core part of what you do and how you do it.

Time and technology have brought significant changes to the power of video.

For all the obvious benefits video can bring, it always had draw backs (once viewed, never reviewed).

There are now a number of services out there who can open up those videos long-term.

So that they don’t gather digital dust.

So that they can be continually useful. Informative. Like a reference book on behaviours…

“What happens when people have this/do this/want this…?”

You can no longer afford to treat video as an after thought

It is now, more than ever, a demonstration of premier class thought leadership.