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5 reasons our research videos are different (and better!) than vox pop videos

We’re often called a vox pop video agency. However, every time we hear it, we die a little inside.

Yes, we use video.

Yes, we talk to consumers.

But, by definition, and feel free to call use pedantic here, a vox pop video reflects the opinions of those who’re approached, and willing to talk, in public spaces.

And it’s in the latter part of this definition that our 2 methodologies split.

Here are the 5 reasons why our research videos are different (and better!) than a vox pop.

1. We’re in-the-moment

Our videos aren’t based on recollection, nor are they reliant on opportunism. Our respondents record their videos during the time and in the place that they’d normally be in.

Bringing you skin-pinchingly close to the occasion and all of the glory that accompanies it.

Family meal prep gone to pot? Seen it.

Child throws a monumental tantrum? It’s happened.

The cat comes for his close up? You betcha.

It’s real. It’s authentic. And, quite simply, it’s brilliant.

2. We show the full environment

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And that’s certainly the case when you’re able to see your consumer in their full environment.

The often ignored visual cues are just as important as the verbals. Here’s what you can you tell from this snapshot alone:

Visual Cues

And before you mention it, we know that’s only 18 words, but you get the drift…

3. We’re unintrusive

Observed behaviour catalyses changed behaviour. So we’ve made some adjustments to counterbalance the reaction.

No more moderators. No more interviewers. No more camera crews.

The result? Responses that are far more honest and a shed load more natural.

4. We’re trusted by our Thinkers

Our Thinkers are our panel. They sign themselves up to our website and we pay them for their help in fulfilling your projects. We build a relationship with them, and more particularly, a level of trust.

As such, our Thinkers are more open. Divulge further. And feel comfortable discussing subjects that they wouldn’t necessarily do so with your average Joe on the street.

5. We can recruit to a more detailed criteria

Speaking of your average Joe on the street, he’s exactly what he says on the tin.


We can recruit to your standard GenPop. But our Thinkers also span borders. Dissect life stages. Encompass attitudes, beliefs, and experiences. We have the ability to do far more detailed recruits.

If we aren’t a vox pop market research agency, then who are we?

We are the video specialists.

The deep thought trawlers.

The people who lift up lids and kick down doors.

We are Watch Me Think.