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Amelia Torode – Find Your Truth, Make Your Change

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Amelia Thorode is co-founder of The Fawnbrake Collective and has previously been named as “Planner of the Year” by Campaign Magazine.

In her presentation, Amelia encouraged us to consider what is important, like really important, to us at work. And use that as our compass.

What would you do if you were to start again? And don’t just rearrange the pepper pot or work out how to refold the napkin, but take everything off the table and think about how you want something to look.

Often we don’t need a bigger boat, we just need one that’s different.

For example, if you were to start your company tomorrow, what would you do? How would it be structured? Who would you hire? How would you hire? Would you hire? How do you motivate? How do you incentivise?

Thank you very much to Amelia for letting us share her brilliant talk. You can hear more from Amelia on Twitter and on The Fawnbreak Collective website.