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Copy, Copy, Copy


Copy Copy Copy

Mark Earles



How often are we encouraged, told even, not to copy?

‘Be original’. ’Try something new’. ‘Test the untested’.

It becomes draining.

Copy, Copy, Copy, unsurprisingly, tells you to do the opposite. Why struggle to muster an ‘original idea’ (whatever that means) when you can just copy something that’s worked before?

And this book shows you how.

If copying is good enough for the British Cycling Team, Elvis and Shakespeare (now there’s a dinner party!) then it’s good enough for me.

What I took from reading it

Reassurance that, despite how it may feel, many a person has tried to fix the same problems that our brows are currently furrowed over.

So, first you have to identify ‘what kind of thing’ it is by understanding the choice behaviours associated with it. Thinking in ‘things’ removes the blinkers adorned from thinking in the singular. Then you can copy ideas from other markets and, hey presto, you’ve solved your problem.

I also learnt that good copying is bad copying. I’ll leave you to chew that one over…

Who should read this book

Marketeers, obviously. But also any of you who try to solve problems and want some more strategies as to how you can do so.

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