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Exciting times

We don’t write about us that much. We write about the company. But this time (because today we’re a little bit excited) we’re going to write about us.

Today is a great day. Today we all are coming together in London for 3 days of intensive focused, face to face (for we are based in London, Sydney and Geneva) work. Over the past 18 months we’ve relied heavily on Skype and document sharing via Google, and a strong daily communication platform which has allowed us to shape and develop this idea. Okay, so it may have been quicker if we were all in one place, but that’s the way it goes. Helps our international expansion plans!!

We’ve managed it, we’ve done it. The site is fantastic and people are flooding us with videos. It’s an amazing response. We know our next steps and we’ll share them with you soon.

So far we’ve achieved 2 of our 3 goals regarding set up. One to go. We’re feeling confident.

Now the fun really starts.