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How do we do?

So another week and another check list for us. This time spotted on Mashable from Bill Clark, the CEO of Microventures, listing the 8 crucial elements of start up success. Let’s see how we do.

1. Hire great coders. Check. 9/10.

2. Launch your product site quickly. Hmm. 5/10.

3. Identify your users. 7/10

4. Don’t target a small niche. 9/10

5. Raise enough money the first time. 7/10

6. Don’t waste money. 10/10

7. Have multiple co-founders. We have 3. So 9/10

8. All or nothing. Some of us 10/10. Some of us (me) ‘4/10. needs improvement’.

Overall we’re doing pretty well I’d say. We can’t do anything about the launch speed any more so on all factors in our control we’re doing okay. We know where the improvements need to come and they’re the areas we’re focusing on. All good.