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Innovation without the small brightly coloured spectacles?

This week is a proud week for Watch Me Think as we have been shortlisted as one of only four agencies Globally, to be nominated as the “Mobile Research Company of the Year”

Less than 5 years ago Watch Me Think was still just an idea being discussed by some good friends enjoying a couple of pints in a rather fine pub overlooking the Thames in Richmond.

While the pub is still used as the “boardroom” when we meet in the UK, quite a lot has changed since then.

We have launched offices in Europe the US and Asia; and Watch Me Think is now providing our innovation services to 21 of the top 25 Global FMCG manufacturers in 42 Countries.

So despite the fact that no one in the Watch Me Think team wears small funky brightly coloured spectacles, how are we able to help clients innovate better?

Quite simply we use consumer self-recorded videos to connect an entire organisation with the authentic experience of consumers in 42 Countries when they are in their natural environment of consumption, the natural time of consumption, and when there is no researcher or moderator present.

By doing so companies can start to see the world through consumers’ eyes and identify ways to delight them and ways to avoid upsetting them – it really is that simple.

We have also made the contents of our client’s entire range of video assets fully searchable so they can provide their entire organisation with an incredibly powerful consumer connected story-telling asset.

Sincere thanks to all of the people who nominated us. We love doing what we do and we are delighted you do too.


We didn’t win, but we’re still mightily chuffed that we were included in a shortlist of such amazing quality. Congrats to the winners RealityMine!