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Joseph O’Leary – How to spot misinformation

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Do you have a nose for nonsense?

You should do. At least according to Joseph O’Leary from Full Fact, the UK’s independent fact checking organisation.

We all know misinformation is rife. Yet, interestingly, Joe told us most false claims are based on real data. So what has been done to that data – yes it’s true, but is it fair?

In his talk, Joe gave examples of data manipulation to catapult eyebrows through the ceiling, provided frameworks for spotting such instances of misinformation, and offered advice on how we can improve the trustworthiness of our own communications. 

If you use or quote data in your work, then this talk is for you.

A very big thank you to Joe for allowing us to share his talk.

You can hear more from Full Fact on their website and from Joe on his Twitter.