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Like focus groups but without the numpties

As we’re doing more and more appointments, both in UK and Aus, we’re starting to receive tremendous feedback from our clients that we’re working with so thought we’d share a few of these so you can see the reaction we’re getting.

‘Like focus groups but without the numpties’ (we like that one)

‘Consumers are completely honest and have lost any inhibitions they may face in a focus group’

‘Seeing real people shopping our category is incredibly powerful but a bit like getting foil stuck between your teeth’

‘As an organisation trying to embed consumers at the heart of our brands it’s always very difficult to translate the data we have into reality. We are always searching for ways to bring our consumer into our organisation and to life… It keeps us honest, reminds us of what we are doing and the impact we can have in peoples lives. Watch Me Think provides us with this ‘reality’. We are now thinking of ways of using the videos more broadly – that will keeps us focused on our consumer’

Great meetings and a great response.

Of course, to get these meetings you have to pick up the phone and talk to people, something I love. Some learnings.

1. The telephone number paradox. It seems the bigger the turnover, the less likely  a company is to show its number on its website. I’m sure they get lots of calls, but it is a real pain to search endlessly for a phone number and just get a ‘form’ to fill in on the ‘contact us’ button. Tempting to make videos of my experience and send them to them… now that’s an idea…. customer experience videos….

2. The press office are always helpful (and that number is always published) and they know the reception number (probably because they get so many calls from people who can only find their number on the site).

3. Reception manner varies dramatically. Some lovely lovely lovely people (and I mean that, some who go so far out of their way it’s wonderful).  And then one or two who clearly despise the fact that I have had the audacity to call a phone number that they have to answer.