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Looking Good Billy Ray…

Claire Beale in her Campaign leader last week said, ‘2012 is a good time to be starting out, or starting up, or stopping, rethinking and starting again’. She adds that ‘ditching the corporate frustrations in favour of a new approach has got to be an exhilarating choice’. Whilst we’re not an agency, the sentiment is 100% relevant for us.

The positives of starting out (UK launch of Watch Me Think now 13 days in (Aus launch 6 months ago)) and having a relatively small team are huge;

  • flexibility/adaptability in approach
  • trying and testing new things all the time
  • no internal (recruitment, politics, or meetings) issues
  • everyone involved
  • speed of decision making
  • fun

The best thing about all of this is that we’re shaping who we are with our clients. Our clients are our NPD department – Planners, Innovation teams, Customer Experience Managers all using us in the way they want to,  and guiding us to the solution they want. We’re not saying ‘this is how you should use it’ or ‘these are the conclusions you must take from this’. We’re saying, ‘watch, listen, observe – now draw your own conclusions. You know your product or service far better than we do – we’re giving you the platform to see it’. This positioning is something we’re proud of. No point in being arrogant about it.

The negatives. Erm, let me get back to you on that one…