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Making ‘better, cheaper, faster’, a reality when working with video

Last month I had the pleasure of presenting at the AQR annual conference where I was able to show the attendees our platform.  What follows below is an overview of this talk.

We know client expectations are increasing. Faster turnarounds on projects. Better quality insights. All communicated more powerfully.

All that, often with less budget. So it has to be Cheaper.

But I welcome that.

It sounds odd but I do.

I think the MRX industry can be more efficient and can match these expectations. Though I accept that may make me few friends.

Of course, we can’t speak for the whole of the MRX industry, but in video  – which is fast becoming a crucial part of the insights jigsaw – we can.

Video has been what we have lived and breathed for the past 6 years. It’s the only thing we do. Our focus has enabled us to look at each element of video, each problem people experienced with video, and make it better.

We got into video because we saw an opportunity and believed in it. It’s fairly well accepted that video is phenomenal at communicating insight, and that it plays right in the centre of the most popular word in Insight: storytelling.

Back in 2011, when we entered the market, it was plagued with problems. Video was considered clunky. Time-consuming to use. Difficult to edit. Harder to share. Almost impossible to search manually. And, of course, quality was horrific in terms of quality (bad sound/image/response).

Getting respondents to record themselves was in some ways even tougher. Getting them to upload more so: internet speeds weren’t up to much back then, and the storage of videos cost a fortune.

Well, times have changed.

Those problems have gone away.

Companies like us, and systems like ours (, have put those problems to bed. It hasn’t been easy, it’s was no quick fix, but the direction of technology and culture are on our side.

So. That’s Better and Faster taken care of.

But what about Cheaper?

Well, good news.

We’ve made a decision to open up our platform. This is where you can store, search, edit and share your videos  – as well as a whole lot more – for free for up to 10GB.

After you stored >10GB, there are minimal costs (as storage costs are so cheap) and everything else can be used for nothing.

It was a decision we made because we believe in video.

We want more people to be using it.

We want to change the impression of video within MRX. And so we’re starting with this.

So Better, Faster, Cheaper?

Yes to all three.

Welcome to the new world.