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Predatory Thinking


Predatory Thinking

Dave Trott



Predatory thinking means outsmarting the problem. When a predatory thinker hits a problem they can’t solve, they move upstream, change the context and turn it into a problem that they can solve. They break the problem down into a set of smaller problems. They find the weak link. The part that can be changed. A change which in turn changes all of the other problems.

Trott uses real-life anecdotes to demonstrate how past predatory thinkers have done exactly that.

This isn’t a theory based book, it doesn’t outline 10 formulas for predatory thinking. Instead, Trott guides you with his principles and leaves you to do as all predatory thinkers do, figure out the rest for yourself.

What I took from reading it

A kick up the backside.

Because, really, it’s not that hard to think or approach things differently. You just have to pull off the blinkers and take the time to look at the peripherals. It’s getting into the darn habit of doing so which is proving more difficult!

Who should read this book

Despite hailing from the advertising-sphere, this book is relevant across all sectors and to anyone within them who wants to become more considered and resourceful in their thinking.

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