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Stuart Chapman – How Lego uses storytelling for commercial benefit

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Most of the classic Tom Cruise movies have very similar plot lines.

A bombshell, we know. And one that Stuart Chapman dropped when he spoke at our storytelling event. 

Stuart is Category Development Manager at LEGO and discussed how LEGO uses data, insights and that Tom Cruise plot to deliver compelling presentations when selling to retailers, buyers or, for that matter, anyone. 

Take Top Gun, for example – Maverick was a good pilot, Goose dies (RIP) and he has a crisis of confidence, but a beautiful woman helps him to become an even better pilot. Days of Thunder – he’s a good driver, has a crisis of confidence, then meets a beautiful woman who helps him along his path. A Few Good Men – a good lawyer, a crisis of… OK you get the picture…

And it’s the same when presenting to retailers, or anyone, who thinks they have things sussed, but you need them to change their behaviour. They need a crisis of confidence and you need to be the person who helps them overcome it.


Thanks very much to Stuart for letting us share his talk. What a guy.