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Dark Matter in Market Research

Market research is a lot like quantum mechanics.

Just when you think  everything seems to be moving in the right direction in a big chunk, when you look at it in nano, it isn’t really.

There’s something else there. And you can ignore it. consider it a discrepancy. Or treat it as a welcomed insight. something to be prodded, probed and nudged til you see and know how it moves, how it reacts and why it is there.

Who among us has the beach balls to stop treating our pigeon holes as crates of steel?

Unbendable. Inflexible.

Who among us can begin to see transitions?

That people are people and they cross the boundaries of our perceptions more often than we like because

a) It makes our jobs a little more difficult


b) It can possibly open whole new markets, products and insights.

Perhaps a better title for this post would be “Thinking outside the pigeon hole”?