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The100: Best of 2018

Pensive chin stroking. Light chuckling. Exasperated eye rolling. We’ve hopefully had you doing all of the above whilst reading The100 this year.

To wrap things up for 2018, here are the 5 most popular articles from our twice-monthly round up of all that’s made us stop and think, or laugh in the world of Market Research during 2018.

In 5th

Apparently insights teams and the skills within them are changing in their very nature. Pray, do tell more about how brilliant we are 🙂

In 4th

What?! Only in 4th place? I’m not interested in what you think anyway. Constructive ways to use criticism.

In 3rd

You know all those trend reports that companies just love to send your way. Well here they are all in one place. Prepare yourself, there are 1000s of them.

In 2nd 

Dollar Shave Club crushing it AGAIN with another corker of an advert. For every scene you balk at, there’ll be someone who thinks it the norm. Happy balking!

The most popular article in 2018?

An explanation of how the advertising industry has a different unconscious ‘thinking style’ to the modern mainstream. Whilst it has a UK-media slant, I’d bet it could apply to many other countries and a certain few other industries too…

It’s good to see the most popular article reflecting what we believe in so much here at Watch Me Think. That trusting gut instinct isn’t good enough when trying to understand the consumer. That people understand people unlike them less and less. And that there is a greater need to understand people than ever before (data alone is not enough).