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Those pesky Discounters…

They won’t go away it seems.

So for the latest of our shopper film series we wanted to find out more about them now.

What’s motivating people to keep going there and motivating people to defect category by category from the *mostly* trusted big 4?

You won’t believe what we found out…

The film below is on us – it explores

  • who people think the typical Aldi/Lidl shopper is,
  • their awareness of how that is changing – after all, it must be fine if they shop there 😉

[This where the film should be – but we made a promise to our Thinkers not show them in open fora – so the video can be seen if you join our LinkedIn Group Watching People Think.]

The other 4 are for our subscribers only – if you’re one, you’ll find these in your WMT private area already.

Discounter range: Can anything be guaranteed? (7 Minute Watch)
Lack of range / choice hampering the ability to transfer the full weekly shop? Aldi / Lidl first, then fill from the other stores? What about the challenge of brand range vs. consumer loyalty?

How might shopper habits change? (3 Minute Watch)
What to expect next, what consumers want to make them shop there more – to turn into their current supermarket but cheaper? Still a desire to try them again and again – word of mouth wins. Big 4 need to change – our shoppers think so.

The quality race: who’s winning? (3 Minute Watch)
Consumers are examining quality carefully and have an opinion on it. Lidl is doing well with it’s advertising, it’s awards, all of which are being noticed by the consumer.

Defining the Aldi / Lidl proposition. (3 Minute Watch)
Our thinkers define Aldi and Lidl themselves – ‘no frills, small bills’, ‘good quality products for a good price’. They’re pretty good at it too!

We publish films about the shopper in UK, Aus, and US every couple of weeks focused on either a retailer or a channel.

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