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Tom Chatfield: Becoming A Digital Gourmet

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Tom Chatfield was an inbox emptier. 

He would work through and empty it by either deleting, ignoring or replying to emails. That, ultimately, was what he did every day. And in the process of emptying his own inbox, he would fill up everyone else’s. It was a self-perpetuating system.

Sound familiar? Has your inbox become a to-do list written for you by other people?

Tom gave an excellent talk on taking back control of tech and having a more functional relationship with the tools we use on a daily basis. 

If any of the above struck a chord, it’s worth a watch. And then make sure to email it to your colleagues too 😉

An enormous thank you to Tom for allowing us to share his talk.

You can hear more from Tom on his website, his Twitter or in his books. He’s pretty nifty on the keys too.