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Tom Goodwin – Improving Innovation

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Have you got a pen to hand? And a piece of paper too?


Try and draw an apple.

Yep, an apple.

Now draw an apple again, but differently this time. 

Keep going. How many times can you do so?

Exercises like this show just how hard innovation is. And also how many arbitrary, constraining assumptions we put in our way. We at first think we can’t draw the apple close up, but not for any good reason.

Tom Goodwin talked us through this idea whilst presenting his ways to improve innovation.

The man is whip-smart to say the least. 

Tom has a really quite brilliant definition of innovation: “innovation is celebrating the things that are outside the normal envelope, that terrify everyone but are somewhat marvellous.” 

And, according to Tom, we don’t need to wait for 5G or better voice to text capabilities. We have everything that we need now.

A big thank you to Tom for letting us share his talk. What a guy!

You can hear more from Tom on his website, Twitter, LinkedIn and in his book, Digital Darwinism.