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Two pints of ale and two packets of crisps

Lots of people have asked us why we created watchmethink and what we believe in. But more have asked where the idea came from. Well it’s a good story (to us!) but also incredibly simple.

The co-founders (John and Vince) used to work together in Sydney (for two years before one of them went back to the UK) and always wanted to form a business together on the back of working so well together in Australia.

Anyway, many years passed and visits to the UK (by John) always involved meeting up for a few beers down the local (with Vince). Well on one such occasion when discussing potential business ideas Vince walked back from the bar with a couple more pints and the obligatory packets of crisps. When opening the crisps he used his mouth to tear a corner and split the pack down the middle so that all the crisps were visible – we’ve all done it – so that they were able to be shared. We talked about how crisp companies should be making sharing crisps, packets that open as if to be shared, and ‘if they could see this’ surely they’d realise it’s being done by loads of people all over.

Then something clicked. How could we enable companies to see consumers using their products every day. It seemed simple (and it kind of was).

…and watchmethink was born, all from a crisp packet.

We’ll tell you more over the coming weeks including when 2 became 3, how to pay for it, virtual working, and banging brainstorming sessions….check back for more soon