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2 simple truths some FMCG manufacturers keep ignoring

Over the past 4 years we have been incredibly fortunate to have some of the brightest minds within the Global FMCG World, experimenting with our platform and helping develop better ways of doing things.

While the applications of what we do are always varied, having completed video immersions in over 40 countries, these 2 observations continue to hold true in every market …

1) If you want to engage – you have to be engaging.

If you have a CCP or any other type of presentation to a retailer and you think your 150-page power point presentation is going to be inspiring and engaging for the audience, the chances are you are mistaken.

We are now working with global category development teams who want to bring the authentic voice of the consumer and shopper into all of their key retailer meetings.

This is not so the presentation looks pretty, it’s because when you join the dots between the data and the real experience of the people behind the data, your plans will make more sense to everyone.

This approach has now won awards for both our clients and us, and is rapidly becoming the norm not the exception.

2) If you want to know how your new products & packaging performs, observe the real experience of consumers in the real environment of consumption.

Traditional innovation and packaging development processes do not stop crap products and packaging making it all the way onto the supermarket shelves.

We work with Global innovation & packaging development teams who are looking to change that.

These folks have proven that by conducting authentic digital observations during natural in home usage tests, you not only reduce risk, you help all the stakeholders understand how the products and packaging really perform, through the eyes of consumers and shoppers. You also provide an opportunity for the business to learn.

Both of these are incredibly simple and consistently effective, but surprisingly easy to ignore.