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Us in a 120 Second Nutshell

After someone drops this monstrosity of a question on you:

“So, what do you do for a living?”

By our reckoning, you’ve got 120 seconds to explain yourself before they wish they’d never asked. And less still if you aren’t able to make it punchy or amusing.


However, we still need something more concrete than just our reckoning.

And something better than last weekend’s attempt, which went along the lines of:
“Well, we watch homemade tapes…. Wait, no, not those kind! Hey, come baccckkkk.”

So without further ado, set the timer to 120 seconds, stop it when you’re about ready to stick a fork in yourself, and off we go!

Just who exactly do you think you are?

We are Watch Me Think. That’s Think. Not Sink. Not Blink. Nor any of the other countless names we’ve been misheard as.

But what does that actually mean?

We’re a global behavioural research agency, specialising in consumer-made, in-the-moment-videos. Respondents record themselves at the time, in the place and with the people that they’d normally be with.

Projects can be completed in <7 days in >42 countries.

It’s certainly a heck of a lot more interesting than if we were Watch Me Blink.

Go on then, give us your best success story.

It’s a good’n, so we thought it worthy of a poem:

There’s an elder lady called Trish
Who enjoys a microwave dish
She’ll open the packs
But can’t see that stats
And ends with a burnt piece of fish

After watching the video of Trish, age 99, struggling to read the instructions of her ready meal, Tesco overhauled the cooking instructions and font size on their entire frozen ready meal range. WHAMMY!

That’s 70 seconds gone! But video is such a pain to search and share.

You’re not wrong there! Sharing video used to be even trickier than pretending to enjoy my Granny’s casserole (I know it wasn’t ‘beef’ in there, Granny!).

So we built our hosting platform with the sole aim of purging all problems commonly associated it.

Every video is human transcribed, semantically analysed, indexed, made searchable, clippable and shareable in your own private/company library. All successfully tried and tested by our CEO’s 9 year old.

Ahhhh, so you’re the folks shaking up the MRX world with that Search, Edit, Share thingy?

That’s us! It’s not just our clients who can use the platform. Anyone can host their videos on You upload your own videos, they’re immediately machine transcribed, and voilà! You can now search, edit, and share them. All on the house (well, the barn, actually).

Annnnd that’s a wrap. We make that 120 seconds of your time (perhaps with a bit more give than take).