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[Video] The Customer Insight Technique to Incite

The word ‘impact’ hangs around a customer insight technique like a dark cloud.

And rightly so. Insights need to incite.

They’re as useful as an inflatable dartboard if they don’t.

But many customer insight tools struggle to make the jump between discovery and communication.

Whereas video nonchalantly strolls towards the gap, dons its energy drink sponsored helmet and clears it without a second look.

It makes consuming your market research log slippingly easy.

Foolproof the Proof

It’s hard enough trying to find an agreeable time for a 4 person internal meeting.

Arranging for the whole team to go on an in-the-home visit or attend a focus group would be even trickier than organising this bunch.

Video emphatically swings open your consumer’s front door and welcomes inside every single one of your team. You don’t even need to take off your shoes on the way in.

It may seem overly simple, yet this is where a video’s strength lies. Every man, woman, and probably even those wayward kittens, can understand it.

Ice Bucket the Presumption

Video gifts you the opportunity to twitch the curtains.

Hands you a glass cup to put against the wall.

And grants unparalleled access to the language, occasions, behaviours and emotions associated with your offering.

You can be there for the whole journey and take in the entire tapestry.

Follow the consumer from planning, to store, to prepping and consumption.

From booking, to airport, to check in and obligatory sunburn.

It’s quite the ride.

Mindread by Watching

Professor Zaltman concluded 95% of the rationale behind consumer behavior to be unconscious.

As market researchers, that leaves us in somewhat of a pickle.

But, fear not! Video can work this pickle to your advantage.


By hearing what the consumer believes and treating it as such. A belief.

And complementing it by observing the cues that wouldn’t necessarily be picked up under other circumstances. The unconscious emotions. The unintended behaviours.

All bringing your consumer to life in a manner that a 2000 word report could only dream of.

Fancy giving it a bash? Get in touch.

Or maybe you’ve already use video as part of your customer insight methodology and just wanted to reaffirm your choice? In which case, take our free video analytics platform you can do on it.