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Videos are more interactive than text

So good news all round.

As you may or may not know, watchmethink soft launched in Australia last week. Exciting. We’ll mention it again. Don’t worry.

So imagine our happiness when we saw this article today all about how to use video to market your business, all backed up by stats on how the Aussies like their video – 70% of them have accessed video or audio online in last 12 months – 30% look at online video weekly.

Some other interesting quotes from the piece were…

“Videos are far more interactive than just text. It’s a form that is much easier for people to share, and people share things a lot more when it’s in video form.”

“Instead of reading long pieces of text, people are now sharing videos, and that’s become one of the main forms of content now.”

We like that. It’s what our business was designed around. Come and join the party.