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We’re not the only one

It’s great to see businesses around the world using video feedback as a medium. Just the other day after a purchase from Garden Buildings Direct we were asked to leave feedback. If we left video feedback we’d get a £25 voucher, only £5 if we left a photo. The value of video feedback to this company is clear.

In addition there are companies (like Aldi) who are asking for customers to make adverts for them – showing video of what they like in store (products) – to be in with the chance of winning £100. ‘You could win’ they say. Essentially for £500 (there are 5 ‘lucky’ winners of £100 that they can spend in store only), Aldi are getting lots of customer feedback. But how useful is it? If they are ‘fans’, people who follow on Facebook etc, then it’s not going to be as valuable as something more independent.

Here at Watch Me Think we don’t believe that’s the way to encourage customers to upload video. That’s why we pay well for every video received. We invite you to upload (based on the brief we have received) and if you upload within 24hrs of receiving the brief, then you get paid (and paid well). Independent customers, not fans. Paid everytime with money they can choose to spend anywhere (not ‘in with a chance to earn’ and if you do, you have to spend it in one place).

Fair. We think so.