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What consumers want

The title of a piece by the team at Made by Many. So many think things to quote from this one. Firstly, ‘what I do know is that in agency-land ‘customer focus’ is too often merely rhetoric. Sometimes it’s not even known who the real customers are (!).’

If this is true, and we believe it is, then it’s great news for watchmethink. This is the who we plan to satisfy, this is who we plan to help.

I’m shamelessly borrowed the sketch that Made by Many sketched showing where they see ‘customer obsession’ sitting in the whole development process. They say ‘The problem is the relative absence of customer obsession. Sure it’s occasionally present in the creative process, and generally likely to be somewhere in a good product development process, but neither focuses squarely on the question of ‘what customers want?’. Instead it tends to get danced around.’

Watch out for watchmethink…

Maybe we should speak to YCombinator and get some funding so we can get one of their t-shirts which read “I built something people want.” Because that’s exactly what we are doing, and by doing so, enabling our clients to do that as well.