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What we’ve been up to

As we shift gear towards the month of September watchmethink is in an extremely exciting place – we couldn’t be busier, and we’re loving every minute. Here are some of the things we got up to in August.

We appointed the agency we wanted to work with – we’re really pleased to be working with the team at Headstream – Laura, Lizzie and Chris have all been excellent and we’re going to be doing some really exciting things with them in the very near future. As we said at the beginning of all of this we wanted to work with like minded people, people who were passionate about the idea, about the company and we’re very lucky to have found that with Headstream.

We started direct conversations with the people uploading videos – as well as the wider communications we send around including video updates from hq, we’re also trying to communicate with as many people who upload videos direct – finding out about their experience with the site, the payment system and seeing if there is anything we can help with. They’ve all been very kind (so far(!)) and we’re hoping even more of you come and speak to us.

We visited over 30 companies to talk to them about us and them – this has been superb fun and very rewarding. Listening to senior personnel in big companies talk about watchmethink and start placing it within processes they have at their company is brilliant. To want to integrate it, to want to use it, and to start guiding what we can already see is stage 2 is very exciting.

We signed up hundreds of new people to the site – as ever people are finding us, are using the site, are uploading videos, are passing it on to their friends. We’ve had an amazing response and want to keep spreading the word as much as we can – more of that in September.

We changed some of the pages on the site following feedback from the people who are using it – those important pages, where we upload requests for videos from our client. We’ve made it clearer and simpler.

Making all of these strides has only been possible due to the wider teams (developers, agency, community managers) working on watchmethink and to them, a big thank you.

So that was August…

…September will be even bigger.